Just so you know, this blog just became a Haunani-Kay Trask appreciation blog and always will be. When I first read her essay The Color of Violence, it was the same feelings I got when reading Malcolm’s autobiography.

Here’s a taste of some of her writing:

"Racism is not only history and sociology, economics and politics. Racism is also the psychology of subjugation. The inferior must be made to feel inferior every day, to suffer their subjugation, to be dehumanized in accordance with the colonizer’s rules. Thus, as Frantz Fanon so eloquently argued, colonized people, like colonized cultures, are no longer open, dynamic, and fertile. Once colonized they become moribund, oppressed, segregated, closed, or apathetic. They must negotiate a hostile world and a menacing daily reality with great care lest they suffer increased injury. Is it any wonder that white Americans, on the whole, live longer than Black people, and Native people? For the colonized, the colonizer is a killer; literally, a killer.”

WHAAAAAATTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?! This woman is the baddest ever. I will post more of her truth bombs in the future!

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    Just so you know, this blog just became a Haunani-Kay Trask appreciation blog and always will be. When I first read her...
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